Peter Lynch (a//k//a th'g'rd'n'r)
Guitars, Keyboard, Drums, Space Echo, FX.
Peter enjoys going the extra mile to get echo trails to "tip the hat" to countless other artists. In addition to Library Science, Peter is also a member of The Melody Unit and was also in Tracksuit Vendetta, Foot Foot and The Apologizers.

Andy Arkley (a//k//a Mildred Pitt)
Bass, Melodica, Drums, Mixing Board, Vibraslap
Spending several nights a week enjoying his flat wound vibraslap, Mildred (a.k.a. Andy) loves making Libray Science click. Mildred is also a member of The Bran Flakes and a former member of Tracksuit Vendetta, Twizzle, and The Apologizers

Susan DeLint

Keyboard, Melodica, Vocorder, Call Bell
Pretending he's walking while playing is one of Susan's chief hobbies.
Susan is also a member of The Bran Flakes.